Monday, July 13, 2009

Chimney, fireplace and roof

Here's some before and after pics of our chimney and fireplace. The fire place on the inside isn't done yet...we still have to put some stone around it and make a new hearth for it.
First this is the reason for the new roof, 3 inch hail! Before we got the new roof we had to fix our chimney which was not usable.
The bay window before

The Chimney before

The fireplace before
(to see the after pic, look at post below)

The chimney durning construction:
The guys were surprised that the chimney hadn't fallen off the house.

Ken Geci did the chimney and shingles and he's a great guy!!! If we ever need anymore carpentry work done he'll be doing it!!
This is the little truck the roofers called "The Al Quieda" cause it looks like one of the truck they have over there with machine guns mounted to the top. I am actually taller than this truck (keep in mind I'm 5 ft tall). Note the wood bumper.

Mike Ball did our roof and he is excellent!! We can't say enough good things about him and his crew!!
Old Roof:
New Roof:

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  1. your house looks FANTASTIC!!! I love the cedar shingles! Go y'all! I can't wait to see the inside shots of the fireplace!