Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sleepy head

We came home from work and i put James inthe jumparoo while I started dinner and cleaned the kitchen. He bounced in it for a good 30 minutes, then it all stopped. I peeked into the living room and this is what I saw...

He was out! At one point he opened his eyes and started to bounce again but closed his eyes while he was bouncing and went back to sleep...this video is right after he closed his eyes, you can see a few bounces in the beginning.

He woke up after a few minutes of snooze time and started bouncing again like nothing had happened.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


these days...Sometimes I just don't understand why kids act the way they do today. Surely we were not like this...we couldn’t have been...Mom, Dad please confirm this and say it ain't so. J, JM and I went to a car show Saturday night in Priceville. We had been to it a couple of years ago and enjoyed it. This year we decided to go once the sun had gone down so it wouldn't be so hot. Now, I know these things are family oriented, but I've never seen so many kids just running wild in all my life. Small children running around the cars, not caring who the run into or how many times they run into that same person. And then there’s the teenagers...the awkward years. I believe that now its all the rage for boys to shop in the girls department...some of their jeans looked like they were painted on...and this was on the boys!!!! And then you have the ones who think its cool to smoke...HELLO, can we say CANCER!!! They are probably doing it cause Paris Hilton or some celebratard said it was hot or cool. I know that you can't always control what your kids do but at the least give them the common sense to wear clothes that are not vacuum sealed to their bodies, or suck down some cancer stick.

Who lets their daughter out of the house wearing this????? Purple tights under a yellow and white striped one piece short tube top thing...with zebra print slipper shoes. We saw this at Sonic after the car show and I just had to take a picture of it...J was getting embarrassed that I was doing this, but I can guarantee that this girl will be real embarrassed in a couple of years when someone whips out a pic of her wearing this and shows it to her kids.

I really like the rat rods...theres just something cool about them.

My favorite of the whole was white with a pink pearl to it and it had white flames on the hood and down the side.

Another old Mercury I was really low to the ground.

an old '55 Willys Jeep it only has had 2 owners a man and his son.

I know raising James we will run into situations were he might not make the best choices. I just hope that we can raise him to where hopefully he'll think about what he's doing and the consequences.

Last Monday we went to the Concerts in the Park at Big Spring Park. Our roofer, Mike Ball has a bluegrass band called Mike Ball and the Madison Mountaintop Band. They were really good and played contemporary songs in bluegrass style. I had worked hard that afternoon to get a picnic all ready for that night. We had blankets, all baby stuff, the 3 of us, and the picnic baskets which had everything for dinner...except the chicken salad which I left in the fridge at home...oh well. We had rolls and a salad and went home and ate the second course :)
Here's JM kicking to the beat of Sweet Home Alabama...

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Duck Tub

Since loading up JM to go to the pool can be a little time consuming, we have been putting him in the Duck Tub to play and splash. It's an inflatable tub that looks like a rubber ducky. He can sit/prop up in it and kick and splash around. Since its been sooo hot we've been using it out on the deck. He loves being outside and looking around. Oh and if you squeeze the duck's bill, it quacks!! Who knew something like this could be so entertaining for babies and adults :)

JM checking out the Duck Tub
before we put water in it.
See Mom I have pruny feet!!

Gummie grin...gotta love those!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Greenway, the pool, and B'ham

Again like usual we've been busy. A couple of Mondays ago we went for a walk on the greenway near our house. Belle and I walked around 4 miles...JM slept for almost 4 miles. When we got to the car to leave Belle crawled under the car and would not come out...she was a hot dog. The greenway is really neat. It runs along a creek on one side and on the other side is a farm with cows and horses. At the north parking lot they are building an awesome playground, with areas for different ages, and they are also including a dog park. That'll be fun in a few years. Last Monday we went to Mr. A's pool to swim. We only stayed around 20 minutes cause someone was getting hungry and cranky, but we still had a good time. This past weekend we went to Bham Friday night and Saturday we went to montgomery to meet my sister's future in laws...they are very nice people!! And Mr R, crazy Aunt J's future father in law, loved playing with JM. We came back to Huntsville that night and Sunday was our 6 year anniversary. We didnt do a whole lot just enjoyed being with each other and we drove up to our club's property (well not all the way, just to the trail head). We drove up to the monte Sano overlook and hung out there a few minutes and took some pics. Then we went to a Chinese place to eat dinner. then it started...JM was cranky, and we think his gums were hurting cause he was trying to stick both hands in his mouth at the same time. It was the most romantic of dinners but thats ok.
Flying with Dad
Hanging with Mom

If only I could hold my bottle I'd be set

You lookin at me??

Chillin in my highchair

After swimming

Passed out during our walk ont he greenway

Belle trying to cool off under teh Jeep

The greenway