Sunday, May 31, 2009

I need to learn to like coffee, teething and Bham trip

Friday James decided to get up at 3:30am, and not our normal 4-4:30am and since I had to go to work I decided it was best if I just stayed up and went in early. So, I get to work at 6am and surprisingly I’m not the only car in the parking lot…besides the security guard there are 3 other cars. Either these people also has little early risers or they are plum crazy. I think they are plum crazy…a friend once described our work place like this: “Its like a bowl of granola. What’s not fruit and nuts is flakes”…I’m still trying to decide which one I am. Well after a 7am granola bar and bottle of water I’m still dozing off and hungry (I’ve already had a bowl of oatmeal at home at 5am). Then a co worker comes to the rescue, BROWNIES with pecans…yummy. So after the brownie I’m still dozing off…I need to learn to like coffee. The other day I was in a store and saw chocolate covered espresso coffee beans…I bet just a few of those and I’d be wired the rest of the day and night and following day.

We think JM is starting teething. He’s been drooling and gnawing his hand lately, and we can feel a few bumps on his gums. I never would have thought to check, but thanks to C who watches JM, he noticed the teething signs. It’s nice to have friends who have been there and done that with baby boys. I bought one of those teething rings that goes in the fridge. Its got little bumps all over it. It seems like it would hurt more than help, but I’m no teething expert. As of right now JM really doesn’t like it but I think it’s more the cold he doesn’t like. Oh and he really doesn’t like that taste of the Cherry flavored Baby Oragel…apparently he prefers the Tutti Frutti flavor C gives him.

We spent last Friday night in Bham for my mom’s surprise bday party at Nabeels. She had no clue (or so she says). Loads of fun, yummy food and great friends I think everyone had a blast. We got to show our friend T all of our baby gadgets that she needs before their little angel comes in July. Who knew you’d need so many things for a baby ;)

We also got to eat at Super Sam’s Samwiches in Homewood. I wish we had one up here in north Alabama.

J got the soft top on our Jeep Sunday, so once we get the back seat bolted down we can take JM for short rides in the Jeep. We won’t be doing any rock crawling just yet, we have to get a roll cage and JM has to wait until he’s a little older.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Busy Weekend...and The Dudes

We had a very busy weekend. First, my parents came up and spent Friday night with us. We went to eat Chinese at our favorite little spot, Ding How II (I have no idea where Ding How I is) and for the first time a stranger (our waitress) reached into the carrier to touch JM. Now, I have no problem with people I know wanting to touch his cute little hands or feet, but if I don't know you don't touch my baby, especially while he's sleeping! To make it even worse it was like she was trying to wake him I go to your home and poke you when your asleep woman??? We pulled the shade part of the carrier up to deter any more unwanted touching and it worked. OK, rant over. Besides that dinner was yummy.
The next morning we got up played with JM and went antique shopping. JM and Dad are pretty quick shoppers cause Mom and I were only half way through and Dad had pushed JM all around the store. We found a few treasures, a cabinet for moms crystal figures and a humingbird feeder hanger for me. Oh and a record of George Wallaces inaguration. We had some Boston Butt for lunch and then the grandparents went back to the Ham.

Grandad playing with JM on the playmat

Sunday our friends T and H came from Nashville. H is 5 months pregnant (with a little boy) and JM showed her how good little babies can be. He played on his play mat the whole time. We also made a Babies R Us run and gave H the low down on the necessary baby items to get. We saw a walker that is a Jeep...JM may be getting that :). T and J worked on T's Jeep the whole time...JM really wanted to join in but I think he's too young to start that addiction.

Monday we just did stuff around the house, nothing too interesting. JM spent some time out in the garage watching J work on the Jeep. I really think that he can sleep through anything...J was using the air tools and JM would sleep through it.

Oh, I for got to mention that Thursday at C and A's house (where JM stays Tues-Thrus) "little dude", as A refers to JM, got smacked in the forehead by a school bus. Big dude (A) was playing with his toy cars and it was an accident. No worries just a small scrape, nothing big. In his baby book I think I'll put down "At 11 weeks JM was hit by school bus and survived". :)

Well I think we've covered it all...JM is passed out in my lap as I type this...he can't be comfy in this position:

He's a sleepy little dude :)

Monday, May 18, 2009


So people have been asking me "are you going to start a blog?" I thought to myself...when will I have time??? With a 10 week old, a dog whom doesn't get enough attention, and a husband who has lots of projects going on, when can I sit down a blog?? Well, since I'm off on Mondays, I'll make that day my blogging day (we'll see how long that lasts).

JM has been smiling for about 2 weeks now. He actually wakes up smiling, even if he was just crying, I go in his room and he stops crying to smile as if he's saying "Good Mornin' Mom & Dad!!" He's been sleeping through the night, at least 7 hours straight...lets hope he keeps this habit up :) The last 10.5 weeks have flown by, JM is outgrowing clothes, sitting up in his Bumpo chair (Thanks M.E.), and carrying on baby talk conversations with us.

Everyone kept telling J and I that your life is about to change. Well duh, we're having a baby of course its going to change, right?? Well I have realized that they were all right, but the change has been more than I ever could have imagined. Its not just a loss of sleep, or feeding James every 3 hours...its an emotional change. We are now a Mommy and Daddy!!! On Mother's Day I called my mom to tell her happy moms day and my dad told me Happy Mothers Day...Wow we both felt old, but it was in a cool way. It was a holiday we always celebrated for my mom but today I was also celebrated. We went to Carabas for lunch at 2:30 and there was a 30 minute wait!!! I guess everyone else thought they'd wait until 2:30 also to eat lunch. It was yummy! JM slept through the whole thing, which was fine by us. I also got a sweet card from J that he and JM signed (J put the pen in JM' hand and wrote his name). Oh, my other gift was 9 hours of straight sleep from JM!! That's right he slept 9 hours straight!!!!

Here are a few pics of JM:

Deep thoughts...


The Bumpo chair rocks!!

Relaxing and watching the Firemen on TV

Pinky (the elephant) and JM love the playmat!!

We went to Panoply Arts Festival and heard the Fiddlers competition...JM really liked squirming around to the music!!

Yesterday I made the most delicious Monkey Bread with a mix from Williams Sonoma (I only bought it cause it was half off). It took a lot longer than expected...mainly cause the directions were in paragraph form and took up the whole backside of the box!!! Come on, I know that I should use oven mitts (yes, it actually said to use oven mitts)!!!