Sunday, August 16, 2009


these days...Sometimes I just don't understand why kids act the way they do today. Surely we were not like this...we couldn’t have been...Mom, Dad please confirm this and say it ain't so. J, JM and I went to a car show Saturday night in Priceville. We had been to it a couple of years ago and enjoyed it. This year we decided to go once the sun had gone down so it wouldn't be so hot. Now, I know these things are family oriented, but I've never seen so many kids just running wild in all my life. Small children running around the cars, not caring who the run into or how many times they run into that same person. And then there’s the teenagers...the awkward years. I believe that now its all the rage for boys to shop in the girls department...some of their jeans looked like they were painted on...and this was on the boys!!!! And then you have the ones who think its cool to smoke...HELLO, can we say CANCER!!! They are probably doing it cause Paris Hilton or some celebratard said it was hot or cool. I know that you can't always control what your kids do but at the least give them the common sense to wear clothes that are not vacuum sealed to their bodies, or suck down some cancer stick.

Who lets their daughter out of the house wearing this????? Purple tights under a yellow and white striped one piece short tube top thing...with zebra print slipper shoes. We saw this at Sonic after the car show and I just had to take a picture of it...J was getting embarrassed that I was doing this, but I can guarantee that this girl will be real embarrassed in a couple of years when someone whips out a pic of her wearing this and shows it to her kids.

I really like the rat rods...theres just something cool about them.

My favorite of the whole was white with a pink pearl to it and it had white flames on the hood and down the side.

Another old Mercury I was really low to the ground.

an old '55 Willys Jeep it only has had 2 owners a man and his son.

I know raising James we will run into situations were he might not make the best choices. I just hope that we can raise him to where hopefully he'll think about what he's doing and the consequences.

Last Monday we went to the Concerts in the Park at Big Spring Park. Our roofer, Mike Ball has a bluegrass band called Mike Ball and the Madison Mountaintop Band. They were really good and played contemporary songs in bluegrass style. I had worked hard that afternoon to get a picnic all ready for that night. We had blankets, all baby stuff, the 3 of us, and the picnic baskets which had everything for dinner...except the chicken salad which I left in the fridge at home...oh well. We had rolls and a salad and went home and ate the second course :)
Here's JM kicking to the beat of Sweet Home Alabama...


  1. You are TOO much! I was rolling while reading this post! And JM with the leg going...too funny! Those girls WILL die one day. She must have snuck that outfit out of the house without her parents knowing. It would easily fit in a back pocket...being tights and all. :)

  2. That is too funny - I love his natural rhythm.