Monday, May 17, 2010

Animal Walk...or so we thought

In Feburary I took JM downtown to see the Animal walk. Every year when Barnium and Bailey Brothers Circus comes to town, they unload the animals from the train and walk them through downtown to the civic center. Its like a parade of the animals. I had never been but had talked to some that had gone and they said it was neat. So I loaded up JM that day and headed downtown. We got there an hour early so we could get a good parking spot. I opened the back hatch and JM and I sat there waiting, and waiting, for what seemed like eternity! He ate almost a whole can of puffs while waiting. Finally the people started going towards the street and the police were blocking the roads. I scooped up JM and we stoof in the street waiting for the animals. now when I say Animals, I was thinking the circus Animals, like all of them. Much to our dimay it was only 5 elephants. Yep thats all 5 elephants. It was disappointing, well at least to me. JM probably didn't care, plus it was his nap time.
Waiting in the Jeep to see the Animal Walk

The Cirus train...there were numerous Circus train cars
5 Elephants...all that for 5 elephants. They could have at least
held each others tails with their trunks...come on they are Circus Elephants!

Later that week it snowed...again. I think it was the 3rd or 4th time it had snowed. I got JM up that morning and put on his fleece pants and hoodie over his jammies and sat him in it. I don't advise that first thing in the morning for a kiddo his age. He was gumpy the rest of the day.

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