Sunday, June 7, 2009

The past week...

We haven't done too much this past week. On Monday JM got a lesson in plumbing, and so did I.  Our kitchen sink was only putting out a trickle when the hot water was turned on, plus it was cold not hot.  So I decide that instead of washing dishes with cold water I'm going to figure out what was wrong with it.  I took apart every piece of that faucet that I could to figure out what was wrong.  I couldnt find a darn thing wrong, so I threw it all in a diaper wipe box, loaded JM up and we went to Lowes where we had purchased it 2 years ago.  I page someone in plumbing to help me figure out whats going on with it.  I must have been a sight, no make up, a sleeping baby in his carrier inthe buggy, and a diaper wipe box with a faucet that looked like it had been in a massacure.  Mr. Plumbing departemnt amn came over and I told him what was going on.  To make a long story short he took mine faucet pieces and gave me a new one just like the old one.  YEA!!!!  So we get back home adn after a couple hours of yelling at the stupid water lines and faucet I got it in and it works!!! AND no leaks!!!!  I hate plumbing.  I hope that thing works forever, caue I busted almost all of my knuckles putting it in.  If I hadn't been so aggravated at it I would have taken some pics.  JM slept through everything except when he was hungry...thank goodness. 

The rest of the week was pretty much uneventful.  I have been putting JM to bed earlier in hopes he still sleep up to 4:30am (yea, thats when I have to get up) .  So far he's stayed asleep.  I think he knows when I put his pjs on and turn out the light that he knows its time for sleep, cause I dont hear a peep outta him until the next morning.  Let's hope he keep sthis up :)

Yesterday (Sat) he had kin of a grumpy day. I think I can feel his little tooth coming in and its bothering him.  I found this little thing you put on your finger and it had little rubber bristles on it.  Well I thought I could use it to massage JM's gums and boy does he like it.  If your not careful he'll suck the thing off your finger! 

Today he wasnt as grumpy.  We tried to put him in his jumper thing that hangs in the doorway and he wasn't too sure about it.  It's still a little big for him and if your not careful he'll fall face first onto the tray.  I rolled up some blankets and put them in front of him to support him and he was ok with that.  He still wasn't too thrilled with the whole thing.  Here's some pics:

 WAS UP!!!

Once I hung the elephant up he kinda started to like the jumper, but only for a little while.  

Tomorrow work starts on our chimney :) Hopefully this winter we can a real fire! Here's some before pics:

We're going to put cedar shingles on the outside instead of siding and we're also going to add them to the bay window.  Our whole house is brick except the chimney and the bay window.  The cedar will make it look so much better.   

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  1. Hey Jen! Ugh! I've missed so much on your blog!!! Your little man is SOOOOO CUTE! I cannot believe how big he's gotten! I'm going to email you with my new add. - we changed phone/internet providers and everything's a mess...that's ok, though. I'm so proud of you for getting the sink to work! Go girl!!! I hate plumbing, too! I can't wait to see what y'all do with the cedar shingles, etc! Exciting!