Tuesday, September 15, 2009

6 Months Already!!!

JM on his 6 month Birthday!!!
We love to bounce!
6 months have come and gone since JM was born...A lot has happened in those months.
Here's some stats:
As of 9.14.09 JM weighs 18 pounds even, is 25.5 inches long, and has a nice round head of 44 cm. If you look at that in terms of percentages thats 75% weight, 25% height and 50% head...so he's nice and square as J would say :)
He can sit on his own, he has 2 teeth (bottom front)!
He does NOT like cearal or bananas...but we're working on that.

My parents came up this weekend to help fix the inside wall where we replaced the firebox. The pervious owners put rock up on the wall and well, it wasnt the best of jobs. I'll just leave it at that. So, since Dad does drywall he came up and fixed it for us! It looks awesome now. Dad also got to feed JM some rice cereal...still doesn't like it.

I stayed up late Sunday night sanding and painting the wall. An apprasier was coming on Monday to appraise the house so we can refinance it. We only had 4 days notice so we did lots of cleaning. On Monday after JM's 6 month apt the appraiser called around 11:30 and asked if he could come around 12:30. Ok, sure, no problem. So I run around like a mad woman trying to clean up and after a massive blowout by JM (I had to make a mad dash to the garbage can so the house didnt stink), the appraiser arrives. AT 12:15!! Ok, thats alright, I had done mostly everything that needed to be done. So he walks around outside and then comes in. He takes off his shoes so he doesn't track in mud (it had rained that morning). So we talk and he starts walking thought he house. When he goes to the back of the house, our dog, decided that right then adn there she needs to Christen the carpet in front of the tv. Yes, my dog peed in front of me while the appraiser was walking sock footed around our house!!! I ran tot eh laundry room, grabed a towel, soaked up what I could, and threw the towel back inthe laundry room befoer the sock footed man came back to the living room. I didn't want to admit that my dog had just christened the carpet, so I just stood over the wet spot while he walked around. He probably thought I had some sort of facination with our tv! oh well. If he knew he'd probably thank me for saving his socks!
Before all this craziness JM had an apointment that morning at 9:15 for his 6 months shots. No fun! First we were running late cause JM decided to christen me and the changing table. That was a sign of things to come, I just didn't know it at the time. So we were already running a little late. It had been raining all morning so everyone and their grandmother decided it was a good day to run into each other. Out of the 4 entrances to our neighborhood 2 were blocked by the police and power company due to an early morning wreck. I didn't know this until I got to them. It took 10 minutes just to get out of our neighborhood when it normally takes 3. Really we should have just stayed in bed. So we get tot he apointment and its pouring down rain so J meets us there with an umbrella at the door. The apointm,ent went well, well that is up until the shots. poor little guy. He got 2 in one leg and 1 in the other. We still have to go back for his flu shot in a few weeks.
Dad and JM at the doctor...why must they keep it a cool 50° in a dr office where they make the poor kids strip down????
Charlie Brown in space bandaids...appropriate for Huntsville.
Bugs bunny bandaid...like a laughing crazy rabbit is going to make things better.

So it was a busy weekend.
Here's some shots tonight with JM and his monley from crazy Aunt Jane (we love you!!!). He laughs everytime he looks at it.

He better watch out...I hear monkey flu might be the next rage :)


  1. He is SOOO CUTE!!! And he's getting SOOOO BIG!!! LOVE what y'all did with the fireplace and LOVED the story about the dog. It's so encouraging to know other mamas are doing the same things I am...lots of changing diapers and blow outs and dogs tee teeing on everything! :) And wrecks and running around like a mad woman...I think that's my middle name! :)

    You encourage me!

  2. What a sweetie!!! Thanks for stopping by :)