Monday, October 12, 2009

Catching up

I know, I know, its been a while. We've been having so much fun here lately that I havent found the time to blog. JM is doing something new everyday it seems.
He loves food now, more goes in and stays in his mouth than what comes out! He eats carrots, avacode, apples, bananas, rice cereal, and next he'll try peas. Its funny when he eats he lunges for the spoon with his mouth open. Sometimes it's like I can't feed him fast enough! I have decided that instead of using a bib when he eats, I just strip him down to his diaper and feed him. Makes for an easy clean up.

The aftermath of the avacado.

Who you talking to ??me??

Roll Tide!! (he's in his game day getup) You can also see his 2 bottom teeth in this photo.

He loves this monkey Crazy Aunt J gave him. He can be crying and we'll walk over to the monkey and he'll start laughing at it!
That leads me to the next fun thing...laughing. Its so funny to hear him laugh. I mean he'll get so tickled at stuff! J's mom gave him an Alabama shaker to hold the other day and he would move his hand and then laugh cause the shaker moved too. I'll post the video, its too cute!
JM had a BIG week and weekend. First my mom came up to keep him Tues-Thurs while our sitter was out of town, then Fri J's parents came up and stayed until Sun. We also had a group of Scrambler owners in the southeast (and Kansas) come in to town to go ride. Sat they all came over for dinner. Mr S and Mrs S occupied JM while I finished cooking. I really need to be better about taking peoples pics with JM. JM thought Mr S was really funny, he'd laugh at everything he did. On Sun and Mon JM took 3 long naps, usually its just 2 hour long naps. I think he was wore out!
This coming weekend we're going to the pumpkin patch at Tate Farms. I'm debating on taking JM's halloween costume with us for some pics. He's going to be a Chili Pepper, as long as the costume still fits then :) He's growing like a weed!!

I'll be posting more pics in the coming days.

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  1. He is so cute I could EAT HIM UP!!! What a grin!!! And so handsome in his highchair!

    Hope to see you guys soon!