Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tate Farms Cotton Pickin Pumpkin Patch

We went to the Cotton Pickin' Pumpkin Patch at
Tate Farmslast Saturday and we had a blast.
We rode on a hay ride to get to the pumpkins and then you can pick your own pumpkin.
We decided not to get one since I had already bought one at the store.
We did however take TONS of pics of JM in the patch.

I found one, Mom!!!

My Pumpkin!

Two cool Dudes!
JM and the Llama

JM and the sleeping goats

The pigs that snotted JM's shoes
they were dirty pigs :)

This is where the rabbit almost jumped outta
J's hands cause JM was holding it so tight.

Just a swinggin'...I really don't like that song.

This gourd looked like a swan.

I love the ugly gouds/squash/thingys.

Apple gourds, I like these, they were neat looking.
Mini pumpkins!!!!!

JM in the corn crib.

Not as comfy as you would think...

Mom and JM in the cotton

Now this is comfy...maybe a little itchy.

Two cool dudes again!! They seem to follow me where ever I go...
maybe its because I keep feeding them ;)

A 2 headed scarecrow!!!

Gotta have a pic of the guys and the firetruck...

and the tractor.

Time to go!!

By the time we got home JM was passed out!
We had tons of fun at Tate Farms.

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  1. such fun pictures! look at your cute haircut!!! y'all are so fun.