Monday, November 9, 2009


I had bought JM a Halloween costume, a Chili Pepper, a month or so ago, hoping he'd still fit into it once Halloween got here. I trie it on him Halloween morning and this is what happened...

He had outgrown sad cause it was so cute! See his legs are supposed to fit into the body of the pepper outfit. I think we were about 2-3 inches too long and round :) There was no hope of "fixing"it so he would fit. So I went to plan B...make a costume.

Remember this is Saturday morning...Halloween day! So I rummaged through the material I had from projects that I have hopes it one day of starting and finishing...and I found a piece of brown material. So I wiped out my sewing machine (more like drug it arcoss the floor while huffing and puffing, it must weigh 50 pounds!!) and some tissue paper for a pattern. ** Note to self: Self, pattern making is not as easy as you thought it would be.**
Ok, so after an hour of so of cutting, recutting, pinning and stiching, we had a.........Monk outfit. I had found some twine in the garage and a little wooden cross a pastor from a church had given me from Israel, and the costume was complete, hood and all. Now I just had to get JM intot he costume. I hadnt made it wide enough for him to get his arms through the arm holes, so I had to undo the side seam to get him in it. He wasn't very happy with me at this point. But we suceeded and took some pics and headed out.

Our little lounging monk..."hhhmmm can I get this into my mouth???"

JM tried to eat the pumpkin top while posing for pics.

We went to just a few neiughbors houses cause lets face it, JM didn't know what we were doing and we really just wanted to show him off. Ended up on 2 neighbors were home. The first one was an elderly couple who are some of the sweetest people. JM got a pair of Halloween socks from them (since he can't eat the candy, we took care of that for him). He'll probably be able to wear them in a few years :)
Our pumpkin we carved. We each got our own mini pumpkin to carve. JM's is onthe left, J's is in the middle (go figure, a Jeep grill), and mine on the right.
The other day JM was napping and I went to check on him and found this...

Apparently he had been giraffe wrestling during nap time :)
and then yesterday he was sitting in the boppy pilow on the floor playing and I was int he kitchen cleaning and I came out and this is what I found...
He was laughing not crying. Oh and his onesie says Mommy's little stinker with a skunk on it :)

FIRE!!!! we now have an operational fireplace!!!!!

And JM loves to try to drink for a glass...most of it ends up being spit/drooled out so I pretty much have to undress him for him to drink.
Have a happy week, from the Southern White House, as J like to refer to it as :)

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  1. you made me LAUGH and LAUGH and LAUGH!!! The monk outfit is HILARIOUS! You're so creative and he was so precious!

    We LOVE the jeep pumpkin! T really got a kick out of it!

    And little J drinking from a cup...his giggle is PRECIOUS!!!! So cute!

    Hope to see you soon!